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Encourage your bone to heal

Locally-owned practice

• Minor breaks

• Broken legs

• Broken ankles

• Broken arms

• Broken wrists

Some orthopedic issues are too severe to be treated safely and effectively in our office. If your situation is extensive and requires the attention of an orthopedic doctor, we will refer you to one who can evaluate your injury and help you

make confident decisions about how to move forward with

your treatments.

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You can have peace of mind bringing all members of

your family to our practice for the most nurturing and

attentive treatment.

Get nurturing care for orthopedic needs

If you have an injury to a bone, you are in need of orthopedic care. This type of care ensures the damage does not

worsen or impact tissue around the bone. Getting prompt care for your injury is essential to protecting your body and

hastening healing.

Referrals available

Man with injured legs A broken arm

If you are in need of minor orthopedic care, or suspect you may have broken a bone, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for care including x-rays and casting when necessary.

All ages welcome

Call us for

an appointment.


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We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Great Physician.