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best protection is early detection and prevention is

the best medicine.

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Get a clear perspective of each employee

Drug screenings

Your employees' physical needs are unique to the specific requirements of the position in which they are interested. This means you need information about those specific needs when comparing various candidates. Not only does the candidate need to be able enough to handle the obligations and responsibilities of the job, but they also have to be in top physical condition to perform their work.


Get in touch with our locally-owned practice to customize the pre-employment physical exam to your specifications.

If your employee claims to have been injured during the course of working and has filed for worker's compensation, ensure you have all the information you need to make an accurate determination. Send the employee to us for a workers' compensation physical and get full, accurate evaluation of any injuries that may have occurred.

A woman having a pre-employment exam

Preventive medicine

We do all kinds of physicals including:

• Annual Wellness Physicals

• Child Wellness Physicals

• Drug Screenings

• Pre-employment Physicals

Physical examinations

Doctor showing x-ray result Urine sample

Remember best protection is early detection and prevention is the best medicine.

All ages of patients are welcome in our nurturing, compassionate

medical practice.

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